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We have made a best faith effort to identify the correct shtetl or town for each landsmanshaft. However, because many Eastern European towns have the same or similar names, this could not always be done with certainty. For instance, there are 17 societies that have spelling variations of Janow/Yanow/Jonava in their name. While we have been able to identify several from Belarus, Lithuania, and Poland, not all could be determined. A question mark has been entered next to town names where we are unsure. Further, there are still many societies whose members' town of origin we were unable to determine.

    We welcome your assistance in providing us with the correct town or country name where it is questionable, erroneous, or missing, but only if you have personal knowledge of the society. This may be the case if you have a family member buried there or if you have memorabilia from your ancestral society (e.g. souvenir anniversary booklets). Because we are seeking the highest degree of accuracy possible, we regret that we cannot accept "I’m pretty sure" or "I think" as definitive proof of the town name for a society. In such case, we would rather keep the question mark until we receive more exact information. Please send any corrections to

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    The data is searchable by Town Name, as the town or shtetl is listed in Where Once We Walked. We are aware that a number of town names have changed in the post-Soviet period, many of which were towns in Eastern Galicia that are part of Ukraine. However, for purposes of consistency, we are continuing to use the old Soviet town name. The very nature of the Town Name search means it will pertain mainly to landsmanshaftn plots. The data is also searchable by Keyword. In the near future, the database will be searchable also by Family Name, which will cover the full scope of the database.

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